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Thread: vshare and seo, not good combination

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    Default vshare and seo, not good combination


    so far my biggest concert about vshare is the lack of seo oriented option.

    you cannot set upo the meta description of any page, the vshare will use in a bad way the info have about page description to add in meta description, cerating description too long and with basically the same exsact text from the webpages, this is BAD for google/seo.

    is there any way this will be delevop in a better way?

    or i must modify the template and manually add the meta description at least for the main part of my vshare site?

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    you cannot add some option to better manage meta description for videos/pages/category/tags?

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    seems is not possible anymore use a php include in new smarty version, before i was able to fix a little the meta of vshare with some php include, now i cannot anymore, i ask to support with a ticket, hope will be a way to do this.

    anyway vshare really need a better way to manage meta for search engine...

    specially the index/noindex... template specially the new one, the 2.6 little less, create a LOT of pages with duplicated content or no content at all, google dont like at all to index pages with no content or worst, duplicate content...

    must be a way to add noindex meta to duplicated archive pages and to subpages after the first one...

    you cannot ass to vshare in admin a section to better manage the meta?


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