I have the same issue nowordneeded! It wont even let me login. I started in 2006 I think it was. It was buy it and all upgrades were free for life. That seems to not stick in the brains of vshare2. Maybe he was not here then when we grandfathers started to support the scripts. I bought 10 of them! I am up to 2.9 also, but losing rank because it is not responsive.

Now it is nifty that vshare has decided to charge a fee of 10 a year but they should not ignore their original users their free upgrades for life. l

I have other software that did the same thing but they all kept the original users with the free upgrades. One I use on a lot of sites is esyndicat, a directory software. They are on the one year support and upgrades, but for those, like me, who have been with them for a decade under the original offers of free for life kept their word and continue to support us, the ones who helped when they were starting out.

SO! Mr vshare2. Can we get out upgrades please?

Rick Siege