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    Lightbulb Convert Error (Convert Now)??


    Ok, so I have a question.. I have set the script so it auto approves, and also for cronjob based (both parts are good), but whenever some one uploads a video it goes to the "Process Queue" and shows it as "Convert Error" :(

    So why does it shows as error? if I can actually click on "Convert Now" and it converts it then without problems and lets me stream it... this is really frustrating because then I have to click on "Convert Now" every time some one uploads a video, since it doesn't convert it automatic and shows the "Convert Error" :(

    I also believe my paths are correct, as I did "Which ffmpeg" via ssh and showed the correct paths (Yes I installed them, and I also have another script running under same server and works fine)

    $config['ffmpeg'] = '/usr/bin/ffmpeg';
    $config['mplayer'] = '/usr/bin/mplayer';
    $config['mencoder'] = '/usr/bin/mencoder';
    $config['flvtool'] = '/usr/local/bin/flvtool2';
    $config['basedir'] = '/home/userco/public_html';
    $config['baseurl'] = '';

    The PHP path and the uber upload path are both correct, and so is the cronjob cmd too :( so what's going on here?..

    Please help me out :)
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    Did You check the logs ?
    Maybe they can give You a clue :)

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    If the conversion works fine when you click convert now but does not work with the cron job, the problem is going to be due to permissions. The uploaded file is being uploaded as the "apache" user. Your cron job is running as your normal user account. There is probably an easy fix for it, but I haven't investigated it.
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