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    I cannot be this blind!

    Where in vshare 2.8.1 does a member authorize a video that has been attached as a video response to another video?
    I can add a video response from a list of my own videos on the site. Once completed the message is that it will not show up until the member that owns the original video approves the response. Where does he approve it?

    Dave (free access)

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    I figured it out - myself. Obviously none of the 50 people who read this thread knew so I better post so you will all be able to answer next time.

    There is no link or page that shows up. It is an email that is generated and sent by vshare to the owner of the first video. It asks if they would like to have the response linked or not linked to their video. They are taken to a temporary link which allows the choice to be made. The problem for me is that I had an incorrect email address for a fictional user and the email request went nowhere. (free access)

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