Hi BuyScripts team,

I was trying to go through the steps for contributing code back to vShare but the steps here seem to lack a server/project name, and the GIT web entry point seems to be down:

In particular I would like to add in support for more multi-video playback mode, including:
  • HTML5 video via triple-encoding approach (mp4, webm, ogg)
  • Playlist via XSPF
  • WindowsMediaVideo (WMV) via Silverlight
  • YouTube via Direct URL (with some common custom parameters)
  • DailyMotion (to replace Revver, which isn't really a relevant video-sharing site anymore)
  • Vimeo
  • DivX via DivX Web Player plugin
  • OGG via Java applet
  • MOV via QuickTime plugin
  • RealMedia via browser plugin

Of course, all of these custom embed types can be done via the open embed mode, but it can save time by not needing to enter the full embed code (and their object/embed patterns differ slightly), so instead just a URL to a remote file, or, to upload the file on your own server and include in the video_file_name, which could even be later automated in vShare if people found this useful.