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Thread: Preroll videos?

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    Default Preroll videos?

    Is it possible to add pre-roll commercials to the videos automatically? If the answer is no, can I pay yo to provide me with that capablility?

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    I think that feature is already being discussed here

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    Thank you, but I would like to discuss it with Admin or anybody that can create the feature for a price.

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    Default Re: Preroll videos?

    We will be adding this shortly, we are now busy with vshare 2.5 that will be released next week.

    After 2.5 release, we will try to add Preroll option.

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    1 vote for Pre-Roll video for advertising !!! :P

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    It doesn't make sense. I am not a programmer, but the concept does not seem difficult at all. I am not the only one that is willing to pay for this feature, yet nobody is stepping up to offer their services. I don't get it, nor do I get why the Vshare guys wouldn't want this as a feature.

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    Ever heard of Google Video Advertising? :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by autodafe
    Ever heard of Google Video Advertising? :D
    I do not want to use Google Video Ads. I have advertisers willing to pay already for video ads.

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    I wish somebody would address this. Admin? I am willing to pay you (or anybody) to add this feature. Please respond.

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    Hello, Administrator is it any updates for Preroll video ads at this time for vshare 2.8 Thank you.

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