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Thread: Help with JW Player update

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    Default Help with JW Player update

    How do i upload JWPlayer 6.8 in detail?
    and what files should be in my player folder?

    JWPlayer 6.8 only comes with

    It shows fine on videos embed from youtube but it says "error loading media. File count not be played" for videos i upload
    Support is only online at like 2am my time so its hard to get bugs fixed without taking days at a time.
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    You could potentially open a support ticket with the helpdesk here and they may be able to help with the install. But, in general, the latest JW Players are not directly compatible with vShare. Version 5 was the last version that could be directly dropped into vShare to replace the installed version. The newer 6 player requires you to rewrite your file to support it.
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