Hi, I finally upgraded one of my sites from 2.7 to 2.9. Started almost over with all the default templates. Only needed to update my database.
1st problem- Videos no longer played as it no longer recognized I had a remote server. Not a big problem as I just moved all my videos to the local server and it now works. Not sure of what the error is here.

2nd problem- Conversion halts. Upload works fine. Progress bar works better than before. Thumbs are created. Database has new record and fields are populated. But video is not marked as active, and video times are not entered. If I try to reconvert in admin panel, it always abhorts with an ERROR: failed video conversion after an entry of UPDATE `process_queue` SET `status`='6' WHERE `id`='316'. I have tried changing the conversion parameters but no changes result.
The video has been moved from TEMP to the /video folder and spaces have been removed correctly. But there is no renamed file put in the /flvideo folder.
I have checked all folder and file permissions and they match previous version requirements.

The debug.txt file just shows the entry 2014-12-25 3:27:09 Realtime Processing - process_video[316 ,0], so there is no helpful information here.

Please comment. I am stumped.