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    I have been away for a couple of years and was curious where all the activity went? These forums a couple of years ago had a very large amount of activity on them.

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    Activity started to die down mid-2012, approximately a year after vShare 2.8/2.8.1 was released. Since then, there have been a few posts here and there (I would say about 10-15 per year now as opposed to 2-3x that per day 4-5 years ago). Several things led to this, but the biggest being that the build-your-own tube market dried up. That combined with slow development of vShare over the years just led to a loss of interest. With the exception of very niche or adult oriented sites, most are now closed and their operators moved on. The ones that are still around have moved to scripts that are more up-to-date than the current 2.9 version of vShare.
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    your analisys is true.

    me too i back since some years and i notice the same.

    too bad you close your vshare services, you worked really good i remember i used our services and you worked good, good luck for your future.

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