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Thread: embeding vshare videos as html5

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    Default embeding vshare videos as html5

    I have vshare 2.9

    I have uploaded an mp4 video and this is playing as a html5 video in vshare.
    When you right click the video it shows About JWPlayer 6.8

    No mention of flash.

    When I embed the video into an other page page though with the embed code provided I get a flash embed
    right clicking on this one gives:

    About JWPlayer 5.10 and about adobe flash

    how do I get the embeds to by the newer JW player version and how do I get them to be html5 and not flash?

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    Enable IFRAME embed code.

    Admin -> Configuration -> Site Settings -> Embed Type: IFRAME

    It will work with html5/flash if client supports.



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