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Thread: Quick list image bug 3.2

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    Default Quick list image bug 3.2

    Quick list is calling for local images even when you have remote image server setup.
    eg: your images are stored >
    quick-list is calling for images stored >

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    This bug has been fixed.

    You can fix this bug in your site by editing ajax/video_queue_display.php file.

    Go to line 21 and find below code

    $video_info['video_thumb_url'] = $servers[$video_info['video_server_id']];
    replace it with code

    $video_info['video_thumb_url'] = $servers[$video_info['video_thumb_server_id']];
    Save and upload.

    If you can't get it fixed, please open a Support ticket.


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    that's great thanks, was going to have a look today as it was late when i saw that and did not get time to install/test/fix

    this 3.2 looks much better hopefully it helps bring vshare back :)


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