I had Vshare installed with "hostonnet.com". I recently uploaded a video about 165MB(About 24 minutes). Keep in mind that I wouldn't be able to do this considering it says that there's a "100MB" file limit and I made no prior edits to any files to allow me to upload more. The file uploaded successfully. However when I click to view the video and press play. It starts playing like it should but the loading bar immediately skips to the end. The file is still playing correctly in the exact order it should but I can't fast forward to any part of the video I want since the bar only loads about 30 seconds into the video. The video can be viewed here:

http://www.rpgnstream.com/view/17/tsuba ... cles-ep-1/

If you watch it you'll notice the tiny moving bar will go straight to the end and then only controls about the first 15 seconds of the video. But the video will play for it's entire length of 22 minutes but you can only control the first 10 seconds and can't skip to any other part. Is there a way to fix this?

I searched the forum and this person seems to be having the same problem: http://forums.buyscripts.in/viewtopic.p ... ht=forward

But it was never solved so I have no solution. I know there must be won because I see tons of sites with videos well over 20 minutes with a perfect progress bar.