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    Please :) --- That would be so awesome if people could upload mp3 or wav files and have it get converted to .flv automatically.

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    I've managed to get the MP3 section up and running on my site, believe me it ain't easy! Alot of vShare leaves out the required functions and files, and unfortuantly I've forgotting most of what I done in order to make it work.

    However I'm on holiday shortly and will hopefully at the end of the holiday have several mod / add-ons to offer.

    Make an arse of yourself:

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    hi can you set up audio upload on my site.??'
    i willing to pay for the job.
    im just need audio upload , and take off video..

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    I would like to see vshare intergrate Audio as they do video, both are very popular on the web, Audio like jamroom which I use, also has buy now with tracks etc and video functions, but is more focsed on Audio, maybe jamroom & vshare could develop together as jamroom has Audio skill by look of it and Vshare should develop more on video and Audio, all other features at the moment are already avaliable seperately such as forum etc, where users can add a link anyway.

    There is not much around that provide a good foundation for Video & Audio the 2 most commonly used viewing and listening areas on todays web!!

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    we can do that for 300$ web can make vshare just audio only

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