i have been doing a lot of testing with video codecs and found the following wont convert in ffmpeg but do convert with mencoder. Now you could just use mencoder instead of ffmpeg which is the best thing to do however vshare uses ffmpeg to take thumbnail images of all videos and so with the following codecs the thumbnail images will be broken even though the video play fine.

H263 codec (.mov) http://video.bizhat.com/view/1189/h263-codec/ (image shows but is not correct)

U263 codec (.AVI) http://video.bizhat.com/view/1190/u263-codec/

indeo4, indeo5 (.AVI) http://video.bizhat.com/view/1188/indeo ... avi-codec/

realmedia (RV30, RV40) (.rm) bizhat doesn't allow .rm files to be uploaded as many do not convert with mencoder....however i have found a fix for .rm files which seems to make them all (i think) convert...will post the fix in another thread later.

All the above could be fixed if vshare used mplayer for taking thumbnails instead of ffmpeg.

you can use the command mplayer myvideo.avi -ss 1 -nosound -vo jpeg:outdir=thumbs -frames 3

this will take 3 thumbnail screenshots of the videos.

So for the next version of vshare could thumbnail creation be changed to mplayer instead of ffmpeg as mplayer supports more formats. Better still would be the option of a choice between mplayer or ffmpeg with access to change the command like in the include/video_conversion.php file.

admin i will PM you with example code for mplayer.