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Thread: Very urgent - Please read

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    Default Very urgent - Please read

    ( Sorry first if my english is not correct )

    I need urgently know how work limit bandwith in member aera.

    I explain:

    For a web TV, we must embeded jukebox player ( player is the same: jeroenwijering flash player)
    but videos are not uploaded by Vshare and not visible in the portal.

    I have try to create a new page in member aera but it's to difficult to embed video with tiny MCE
    and i will make a page html without this script. What code must use for limit bandwith by user ?

    It's very urgent, thanks for your help.

    Our website :

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    Default Re: Very urgent - Please read

    not sure i fully understand what your trying to do but you can limit users bandwidth using the package feature, enable that and the set how much bandwidth you want to give to each account type.

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    Default Re: Very urgent - Please read

    Thanks very much for your answer.

    FOr the package i have understood this function.

    I try to explain better ( not so easy with my english lol)

    I want to buid a jukebox player ( see this page ... kebox.html )

    I woul like members only can see this page who must work with package parameters.

    For exemple:

    Paul is a member and can view for 2Go bandwith with his subscription.
    John is a free member and can see only 500Mb

    Functions are the same with videos uploaded in the Vshare script but i want buid myself a jukebox with videos in video Vshare folder.

    I hope my explain is clear

    I need just know how to limit video bandwith for embeded videos manualy


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    Default Re: Very urgent - Please read

    ok i think i see what you are tryting to do, the way the script calculates bandwidth though is when someone views the video page and not the actual FLV video. So as far as i know embeded videos dont go towards this video bandwidth and it isn't currently possible.

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    Default Re: Very urgent - Please read

    If i copy a page html from an original video and i remplace original flv file by an xml file.

    May be it's work ?

    What part of code in this page who limit bandwith ?

    Like that i can create a account just for this function.

    ( Thanks to have try to help me ;o)

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