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Thread: Search results bringing back unrelated videos

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    Default Search results bringing back unrelated videos


    I am not 100% sure if this is a bug or was built this way but it would be great if I could get some help on the following:

    When visitors type something into my video search vshare will bring back videos that has these tags but also it bring back videos that have these keywords in the vidoe descriptions (even if the video does not have this tag).

    I only want the search engine to search within the Tags and not the description. Why? Because many of the descriptions include words that dont spisificly relate to that video.

    By only using the tags to bring back search reults this also allow me the admin to monitor what type of tags my members use.

    I really need vshare to only look at the tags for displaying search results so any advise and help on how this can be done I would be very gratefull.


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    Default Re: Search results bringing back unrelated videos

    This bug is fixed, bug fix will be available on next release

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    Default how it can be solved now?

    i also have the problem, that someone inserts a keyword, and 287 videos are shown also when they have no relation with the search keywords - but if i search in admin menu for the same keywords, the admin panel shows only 13 videos that are 100% related to the searched keyword.
    Anyone an idea?

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    Default Search engine not proper

    Quote Originally Posted by vshare2 View Post
    This bug is fixed, bug fix will be available on next release
    Can anyone have fixed this problem? how to change search term to search by video title or Tags only? i got the same with thousands of videos and searched videos are at the last page not at front or first page. can anyone help?
    vshare saying this bug fixed but available in next release only? why not now?
    Its been long already that you are saying you are going to release next version of vshare 2.8 and beta testing, when do you think it will be available?
    looking for your support.
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    improved vshare video search and available modified files

    please check this


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