To use Agriya Player with vShare 2.7, first you need to buy Agriya Player.

Backup your existing include/


Unzip the files and upload to your server.

Upload Agriya Player to "player2" folder.

Agriya Player watermark should be JPG or SWF file.

You can change it in player2/player_config.php file

<PLAYER_SETTINGS Name=\"Logo\" Value=\"true\" Url=\"$baseurl/templates/images/watermark.jpg\" Transparency=\"50\" RollOverTransparency=\"100\" LogoPosition=\"RT\" hspace=\"10\" vspace=\"10\" TargetUrl=\"$baseurl\" Target=\"_blank\" InnerScripts=\"yes\"/>
For showing FLV files (preroll and postroll) at start and end of the actual video, create a folder "advt_flv" and upload two FLV files with names "start.flv" and "end.flv"

You can change the name or disable advertisements by editing the file player2/player_config.php


$adv_flv_name = $config['baseurl'] . '/advt_flv/start.flv';
$postroll_flv_url = $config['baseurl'] . '/advt_flv/end.flv';
Change to your actual FLV or SWF advertisements

To enable, find

$show_post_roll = 'fase';
$show_pre_roll = 'fase';
Replace with

$show_post_roll = 'true';
$show_pre_roll = 'true';