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    Default Forum problem


    I have attempted to create a new topic in the forum under a group, but after I create it and try to access it nothing appears?!

    Visit and click on the forum topic link to see what I'm referring to.

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    Am I the only one with the above issue?

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    Yes, me too. There's no text box to add comments to a topic. Once you click on the topic text box to add comments, but I'm sure they're getting to a lot of things they're working on right now.
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    I see what you are saying. You can only add a new topic, not reply to a current topic... I hope this is fixed soon, I think people will be using the forum/group feauture of my site alot.


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    Default dont see the link to add new topic on vshare2.7

    i dont see the link to add new topic to groups on this problem related?

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    Quote Originally Posted by max View Post
    i dont see the link to add new topic to groups on this problem related?
    Me neither, but seems that no one has the answer to this yet. The problem occurred only after the upgrade to version 2.7. Hope they will find a fix soon.

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    It's been long since you pointed out the problem

    it should have been fixed by now..

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