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    Lightbulb Convert Error (Convert Now)??


    Ok, so I have a question.. I have set the script so it auto approves, and also for cronjob based (both parts are good), but whenever some one uploads a video it goes to the "Process Queue" and shows it as "Convert Error" :(

    So why does it shows as error? if I can actually click on "Convert Now" and it converts it then without problems and lets me stream it... this is really frustrating because then I have to click on "Convert Now" every time some one uploads a video, since it doesn't convert it automatic and shows the "Convert Error" :(

    I also believe my paths are correct, as I did "Which ffmpeg" via ssh and showed the correct paths (Yes I installed them, and I also have another script running under same server and works fine)

    $config['ffmpeg'] = '/usr/bin/ffmpeg';
    $config['mplayer'] = '/usr/bin/mplayer';
    $config['mencoder'] = '/usr/bin/mencoder';
    $config['flvtool'] = '/usr/local/bin/flvtool2';
    $config['basedir'] = '/home/userco/public_html';
    $config['baseurl'] = '';

    The PHP path and the uber upload path are both correct, and so is the cronjob cmd too :( so what's going on here?..

    Please help me out :)
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