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Thread: [ADDON] HQ Video Mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by bplex View Post
    Not necessarily. It could be double the space, it could be less, or it could be more. The idea behind the mod is based on how other large tube sites run in that many versions of a single video are created (for example, with YouTube, a single video could result into 4 different files, potentially taking up 4 times the space). I have built, in the past, versions that only create a single HQ version of the video as opposed to multiple.

    So, this mode works: uploading video and creating single hq file witch can have multiple viewing resolutions? like youtube but in single file

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    No. That isn't how YouTube works. You misunderstood me.

    When you upload a single file to YouTube, depending on the resolution, it will convert the video several times into several different files (all at different resolutions). So, one file turns into many.

    This mod will convert your uploaded videos into two different files (by default). The first file will be a lower quality FLV flash file. The second file will be a high quality H.264 file.
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