This message is to announce the prerelease of my new vShare solution, vShare Complete. This is a complete solution that has been designed to give you that "tube site in a box" feel. This solution includes the following:

  • 1 x Licensed copy of vShare
  • 1 x vShare Branding Removal
  • 1 x vShare Skin (powered by Webgeek Designs)
  • 1 x vShare Installation
  • 1 x vShare Forum Bridge (phpbb or SMF currently)
  • 1 x vShare Custom Video Conversion Settings (creates HQ and SQ videos)
  • 1 x vShare Mobile Solution (works with iPod Touch and iPhone)
  • 1 x vShare WebTV
  • 1 x vShare Player Upgrade (to support HQ and SQ videos)
  • 1 x vShare Comment Reply Notification Module
  • 1 x vShare Member Display Module
  • 1 x vShare Email Domain Blocking (w/Admin Panel)
  • 1 x vShare Enhanced Video Security Module
  • 1 x Bad Traffic Blocking (blocks problem countries such as China, Korea, etc)

* Note that while this list will not change, I may include additional modules depending on whether or not I have the time to develop them.

Currently, I have set a July 4th, 2009 availability date. Depending on my schedule, I may have it delivered before then.

Retail Price: $349 USD

But Wait!!!

If you preorder between now and July 4, 2009, you can get this solution for $249. This is a one-time special offer. Simply use coupon code: VSCPREBPLEX

Fine Print:

Price includes mandatory installation. Price does not include optional lighttpd or mandatory software installations. Ioncube and/or SourceGuardian required for custom modules (provided as standalone runtime dll. Usually does not require installation on the host). vShare Complete is sold as a complete package. For existing sites, modules may be purchased individually.

vShare licenses are provided through Buyscripts. Skin licenses are provided through WebGeek Designs. All other licenses are provided by vShare Solutions.

iPhone and iPod Touch are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Copyright 2008-2009 vShare Solutions. All rights reserved.