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Thread: Youtube Video Download

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    Default Youtube Video Download

    Few days ago Youtube changed its code, so video downloads from youtube will not work. To fix, download

    Extract and upload to include folder.

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    Default Thanks I will try to import again using the new files

    Thank you, i will ask again if problem persist,

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    Default Bulk Download is still not working

    I already updated the youtube.php and still it is not working, it is still indicate, "add to querie"

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    Quote Originally Posted by markevanvic View Post
    I already updated the youtube.php and still it is not working, it is still indicate, "add to querie"
    Once added you need to run cron.php or make it run from your servers cron tab. If you have a cron job set up to run cron.php, it runs twice for each file - once to download it and once to convert it. So you have to wait at least twice as long as you've got cron.php scheduled to run.

    This is working for me.

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    Angry Youtube Download

    The files were uploaded in binary mode as usual. I have a cron job set for every 5 minutes as before. The import function is working very partially now.

    It says "download started" and the video never gets downloaded. (even after waiting for several hours).

    What should I do?

    Please help, Admin !!!

    Crying for help......

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    Send a mail to [email protected] with vShare admin login details.

    We will check and let you know shorlty.
    vShare Hosting, vShare Installation, Server Setup, Lighttpd streaming, vShare Templates
    [email protected]

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    Cool Youtube Videos are not being downloaded by bulk import

    Dear Admin

    After a long time of successfully downloading the youtube videos, the bulk import has stopped importing again.

    I mean it used to work very well until for last few days. Probably, Youtube has changed its codes and its time to change your script codes now.

    The videos are stuck in "downloading now" situation.

    I hope I am clear about the problem at the moment.

    Please help ASAP.

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    Dear Admin

    Further information about the problem as posted earlier is that I tried to run cron.php in the browser and it came up with the following error:

    cronjob started

    failed to find youtube video url.
    This is happening with all files I am trying to import. There was no problem like this, at all, until for last 2-3 days. I always successfully imported files. Just not working now.

    please note that the server is the same and no problems at all.

    Same problem is happening with another vshare site of mine. This means that it is a problem with the script.

    Please note that I am using the latest script and not the old one.

    I hope that it will help further to find a solution for the problem.

    Please help ASAP if you can !

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    I already posted this problem in bug reports, follow up there..

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    Exclamation Bulk Import Download to vshare website not working

    Dear Admin or other valuable members

    If anyone can solve this problem where the server is unable to fetch youtube videos (as download and not as embed) into the vshare site, I will pay $100-00.

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