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Thread: Text Formatting of Video Description

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    Question Text Formatting of Video Description

    Dear Admin or Other Prgrammers,

    You may have noticed that in YouTube, the description of videos is well formatted (in paragraphs) and links are present. The users leave these links to help promote their websites or blogs or if the video can be explained better on another website. (These links are other than the link which is present in user's profile).

    The vShare script does not allow formatting. Even if you write the video description in paragraphs, this is gone when video appears after processing on the website. If there is a link, it is not clickable.

    I undertsand that the description can be modified by the admin of the website thorugh editing in the admin panel of website, BUT it is not possible for admin to keep formatting the newly uploaded videos all the time.

    Please help !. :confused:

    Thanks a lot.

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    Smile Formatting of Text in Video Description and Clickable URLs

    After lot of research and hardwork, I have found the solution for it. It includes one new script to add in smarty and some changes in the view_video.tpl and upload.tpl files.

    I am happy to provide with the solution at a price of $20-00 and if you need me to install then I will take an additional $10-00 for it.
    If anyone interested please send me a private message through this forum.

    You can also see my work on my website (URL will be sent to you before you purchase.


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