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Thread: User Password Reset Problem Fixed (vShare 2.7)

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    Wink User Password Reset Problem Fixed (vShare 2.7)

    Dear All,

    I found a problem in the script (vShare 2.7) when a user forgets his password and request the password resetting, an email is sent with verification link. When the user clicks that, the site opens with an annoying statement: "User Not Found".

    After some research and hardwork, I found the problem. It would seem to be a very minor when you will read the fix below, but when it occurs to you, it can be quite hard to find the real reason quickly enough.

    The fault was in the file "reset_password.php" which is located in the root folder.


    $redirect_url = VSHARE_URL . '/login';
    Replace with:

    $redirect_url = VSHARE_URL . '/login/';
    The only problem was lack of trailing slash at the end of the word "login". Thats it! So small fix but caused lot of problem.

    I hope all will get the benefit.


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    Thank you, very kind for sharing..

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    Thanks alot for this small but important update. i have been wondering what the problem can possibly be.

    this helps alot.

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