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Thread: Does Embedding Videos Hurt Rankings?

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    Default Does Embedding Videos Hurt Rankings?

    Hello All,
    On my site Home Based Business Tube - Market Your Home Based Business Oppurtunity - I have embedded almost 600 videos using the bulk import feature in the admin panel. My question is will this hurt my rankings since all the videos are from youtube? When you import them the description from the video and the headline and tags come with the video so that is some on page stuff, I just wonder if this will hurt rankings since the video is only embedded to my site and not directly uploaded. Any experience with this?

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    I would guess that it would hurt you. I am not an expert at SEO but you are using YouTube and not actually posting videos that promote your site.

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    In theory, the video should have zero impact on your search rankings.

    I haven't heard anything suggesting otherwise either way.


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