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Thread: Videos list hard to move through when large

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    Default Videos list hard to move through when large

    If you have thousands of videos and want to make modifications to the descriptions or titles, it is hard to move around and select videos in the admin video management page.
    I found that in /include/PEAR/Pager/common.php I could set the default landing page to a high number so when I went to the list I could start in the middle somewhere.

    Is there a setting that can change the number of pages displayed at the bottom (first, << 5 more, >> last) right now - to having 10 or 15 numbers so I could jump around more easily? The procedure now is called $links.

    I really only want this for the admin section of the videos page but if I know where it is controlled I could add a special variable for that page only.

    Tks. Dave (free access)

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    vshare use PEAR Pager. You can see more information on Pager at

    Manual :: Pager

    Pager allow 2 styles of paging

    Manual :: Feature comparison of the two pager styles
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