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Thread: Where are my thumbnails stored?

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    Default Where are my thumbnails stored?

    My thumbnails have stopped creating files in the correct folder. I have three sites (v2.7) and each both quit storing thumbs at 1998 files in the directory. The interesting thing is that I do have thumbnails for all the videos on the site.

    According to the source code for a displayed page the thumbnails are located in the correct directory just like any thumbnail for a very old video. It is just that I cannot see any more than 1998 files in the directory.

    So, for instance. Files numbers 1_ 2001, 2_2001, 3_2001, 2001 all work but I cannot find where they are stored. I do not have a remote thumbnail server set up. The permissions are 777. One server has made a subdirectory and the others did not. (free access)

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    Default Where are my thumbnails stored?

    After more investigation...

    I created another folder -thumb2- and copied about 1000 files from thumb into it. The files went there and the number of files in the previous directory were less. Then I refreshed the listing and there were 1998 files!
    I created a directory with the same name as the subdirectory in my flv folder. 4ca4238a0b It disappeared immediately.

    I did this several times and each time it ended up being 1998 files. Then I looked at the command line text that was being sent to my ftp program. When I asked for a directly listing in the ftp it reported that the server had truncated the listing at 2000 items.

    OK that means the files are all there but I am unable to see the most recent files created (after the 2000 limit).

    At present I am creating directories and moving files into them. I hope that when I created that numbered directory above it did not replace one that had been created by vshare. Likely not or I would have seen the directory earlier as I can see on another site I have.

    OK, so what can be done to fix the problem. I thought vshare 2.7 was updated to automatically create subdirectories after a certain limit to stop this problem. Where is that limit number stored and can I lower it so more subdirectories get created? (free access)

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    thumbnails are created in folder


    folder. Most FTP clients have limits on number of files displayed in a folder. You can increase how many files to display in FTP software.
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