If you are using vShare 2.1 Release: 20070625, you can upgrade to vShare 2.2 Release: 20070712.

If you are using older version, you must first upgrade to version vShare 2.1 Release: 20070625 before upgrading to vShare 2.1 Release: 20070712

Before upgrading take a backup of your site including database.If you are not familiar with installing scripts or upload in BINARY mode, don't do it yourself, get some one else to do this for you.

Updating files and Templates

To upgrade, download

http://www.buyscripts.in/vshare/vshare_ ... pgrade.zip

Upgrade will overwrite existing files that have been changed from last release. So if you made changes in templates, you need to make the changed in the modified templates. You can compare two files using WinMerge.

Unzip and upload all files and folder to your server in BINARY mode. Overwrite existing files.

After all files are properly uploded, run the upgrade script by visiting the url


Delete install folder after upgrade is finished.

What is new in Release: 20070712

1. Few Important Security Fix

2. Bug fix with user editing videos.

3. Bad words are not allowed in comments

4. Fixed bug with channel listing

5. Custom Video not found page

6. Bug with searching

7. Deleting Videos in Admin does not adjust channel counter.

8. Confirmation mails (email verification, lost password) send invalid link (first link get expired on 2nd request).

9. Extend Subscription