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Thread: newly uploaded private videos show up on channel details

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    Default newly uploaded private videos show up on channel details

    I notice that if I upload new videos and make them private, then they will show up when I click on the channels page and select a channel that has these videos in it. You cannot play the video as vshare will prompt you to log in, but the thumbnails show up and others will know they exist. (for example google could spider and log them too)

    Is there a way that I can set this to display only the latest 5 uploaded videos that are public (not all)?

    It seems to be in this area of channel_details.tpl
    <div class="channel-details-video">

    <a href="{$base_url}/view/{$recent_channel_videos[j].video_id}/{$recent_channel_videos[j].video_seo_name}/">
    <img class="preview" src="{$recent_channel_videos[j].video_thumb_url}/thumb/{$recent_channel_videos[j].video_folder}1_{$recent_channel_videos[j].video_id}.jpg" width="120px" height="90" alt="" />
    <p class="video_title">
    <a href="{$base_url}/view/{$recent_channel_videos[j].video_id}/{$recent_channel_videos[j].video_seo_name}/">
    </p> (free access)

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    To fix this problem, do the following.

    Open channel_details.php and find
    replace all with
    `video_active`='1' AND `video_type`='public'
    If you have problem with fixing, Open a support ticket at

    BuyScripts Helpdesk

    with your vshare admin and FTP login details.

    Buyscripts Team.

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    Default Thanks very much

    Yep, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. I had noticed a year ago that someone had mentioned that a video existed but I did not know how they found it. Now I know. Fantastic

    Update. I think when I posted this question it was for vshare 2.7. This is fixed in 2.8
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