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Thread: Moderate new registrations.

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    Default Moderate new registrations.


    Under the "Signup Settings" there is not much control over new registrations; "Allow User Signup" only has two options, "Yes" and "No". I think it would be a good idea if you can have an option to allow new user registration, but they would remain inactive until the administrator manually activates the account.

    vBulletin has this functionality. It could be beneficial to vShare to prevent spam or troll registrations.

    Thank you

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    Ah yes, I would like to see this too someday. Especially when I've been recently attack by 10-20 spam sign ups per day.

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    This feature will be available on next vShare version.

    If you need it now, please open a Support ticket with your site admin and FTP login details.


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    Perfect Feature ! Thank You for Installation !

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