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Thread: Blocking Proxy Servers

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    Default Blocking Proxy Servers

    Is there a way to block proxy server use? Once in a while I notice in the guest_info records that someone is using a proxy server to view videos for free. I can manually add records to the database to block the IP addresses.

    But is there a way to put in a range of IP address - such as 55.55.55.* or 44.44.*.* ?
    I am aware that this may block valid users, but that is not my question.

    The database does not recognize the asterisk as a wild character (or at least does not compare it as one).

    So could I add some code in the video_view.php file just before it redirects them to the signup page?

    Any suggestions? Thanks. (free access)

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    It would be easier to do that via .htaccess. Something like:

    order allow,deny
    deny from 55.55.55.
    deny from 44.44.
    allow from all
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    Thanks, that makes more sense. I think I traced the apparent problem to the Google search engine spider. It is the one with the IP address range that I was seeing. I will leave it alone and let it do its work. The site was running vshare 2.4 and was constantly showing hits. I upgraded to 2.8.1 and now google still hits the site but the videos don't seem to attract counter increments when it does. ( (free access)

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