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Thread: How to show file name without extention

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    Default How to show file name without extention

    Is there a way i can show the file name without extension in import folder form?

    I know it calls {$video_name} for the full name but i cant seem to find a way to show it without extension.

    Reason for this is that i have over 5000 videos to import and all are named as there title so importing would be 100 times faster if this could be done.

    my form would be like this:

        <div>        <label for="video_user">Add Video to User:</label>
            <input maxlength="100" size="40" name="video_user" value="sporn" />
            <label for="video_title">Title:</label>
            <input maxlength="60" size="40" name="video_title" value="{$video_name-ext}" />
            <label for="video_description">Description:</label>                  
            <textarea name="video_description" rows="4" cols="50">{$video_name-ext}</textarea>
            <label for="video_keywords">Tags:</label>
            <input maxlength="120" size="40" name="video_keywords" value="{$video_name-ext}" />
    All i would need to do is select channels :)

    Lazy i know but its going to take a long time to import the 5000 videos i have in total to add.

    Many thanks

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    No one know of a way?


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