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    Default APTHost problems

    Anyone using APTHost? I have used them since 2008 for my vshare hosting. Two weeks ago I started having problems where my files would not convert to mp4. I had made no changes recently. Buyscripts tech looked at it and said my server needed a new install of ffmpeg and H264. APTHost said no and sent me back to checking my scripts. So I reinstalled a whole site. Still the error (after removing mp4 requirements) was that converted flv files would only be 8 or 9 seconds long.

    Many tech emails later with APTHost I was finally told that my "videos are being affected by our mod_qos limitations of 5 seconds execution time and ~500MB of memory usage." Then I was told I had to use a cron task and I would get maybe 1800 seconds of execution time. Well that 5 seconds sure points to an 8 second video if you look at the logs and the fps conversion rate of about 2to1.

    I tested with cron and it does work correctly for now. But it looks like they have shut down any ability for immediate processing of videos. One of my sites is a school classroom and students kindof like everything now!

    After explaining the poor logic of the new settings and that I know they made the changes I am convinced that they should no longer be viewed as a viable host for vshare servers. Here is their most recent email explanation.
    "The new limitations are implemented by our systems engineers a short while back to restrain the load on the server, and keep it's integrity from various scripts and tasks so it will not lower the overall experience for other users.
    Even though we are still adjusting these as we go, to find a solution to fit best our customers, your script in particular is very CPU intensive and will be required to be run either via command or via a cron.
    Thank you for your time and understanding. "

    I am paying for a 10gig shared account. Anyone have any good suggestions? (free access)

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    Elsewhere in this forum a recent 2012 posting by Buyscripts stated that the phpini.php settings should be as follows:

    upload_max_filesize = 200M (or more)
    post_max_size = 200M (or more)
    max_execution_time = 6000 (or more)
    max_input_time = 6000 (or more)
    session.gc_maxlifetime = 14000 (or more)

    So I checked the settings on my server from APTHost. HAHAHA they sure did cut down anything to do with video processing.

    upload_max_filesize = 10M
    post_max_size = 12M
    max_execution_time = 30
    max_input_time = 60
    session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440

    Only a few more months till my yearly server rental term is up. (Sigh)
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    You can increase the values by uploading a php.ini file in your root directory.
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    I am finally done with APTHost. Their sudden change in the settings and the lame excuses for the changes cost me money and a lot of time. I have finally succeeded in moving all my sites to other providers. To be fair I think the APTHost server was faster on the conversions but when they changed the php settings it would only convert about 9 seconds of video. The settings could not be changed in the Control Panel as some had suggested. On my new host I notice that I can make these changes myself in the Cpanel configs.

    I have cancelled the service but will give them as much time advertising their terrible service as I did advertising their hosting when I did have a link on my sites. You have been warned. Don't sign up with them for any video sharing activity even though they advertise themselves to be such. (free access)

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    I used to use APT Host back in around 2007 - 2008 running one of my Vshare websites, they where great since back then. I recently signed up again for their ffmpeg hosting to host on of my sites. Bad mistake, they have locked down most of the functional setting required, added a upload limit.

    I could also not get vShare to work properly with APT Host, Since they got taken over they have nose-dived as a good solid reputable hosting provider. I made the mistake of paying a year in advance, I use the account now for a wordpress blog, it`s about the only things it`s good for.


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