I am using vshare 2.8. Files are being converted to mp4. Fast-start is installed so that the mp4 files have their metadata modified correctly. My site does not make flv files.

If I upload a mp4 file then it should leave the size and data rate alone. The file size as directed in video_conversion.php is respected but the data rate is not. (Maybe it's just ignoring the size as that is the same anyway) So the files are recompressed to about 350kbs plus the audio. I am uploading mp4 files that are 703kbs video/96kbs audio 560x314. The output file is 560x314 with a total 438kbs data rate.

Where does QT fast-start get its settings from and how can I make a setting to NOT reconvert mp4 files at all (assuming I already upload a mp4 with fast-start configured.

This is on CasselmanCanada.com if anyone cares.