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Thread: Using QT fast-start compresses file too much

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    Default Using QT fast-start compresses file too much

    I am using vshare 2.8. Files are being converted to mp4. Fast-start is installed so that the mp4 files have their metadata modified correctly. My site does not make flv files.

    If I upload a mp4 file then it should leave the size and data rate alone. The file size as directed in video_conversion.php is respected but the data rate is not. (Maybe it's just ignoring the size as that is the same anyway) So the files are recompressed to about 350kbs plus the audio. I am uploading mp4 files that are 703kbs video/96kbs audio 560x314. The output file is 560x314 with a total 438kbs data rate.

    Where does QT fast-start get its settings from and how can I make a setting to NOT reconvert mp4 files at all (assuming I already upload a mp4 with fast-start configured.

    This is on if anyone cares. (free access)

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    More information on the situation with vshare 2.8 and fast-start.

    I have tested more and find that nothing in the video_conversion.php file has anything to do with the conversion of the mp4 file when I upload a flv file. I can remove the lines or put in whatever parameters I want and it is ignored. Whatever dimensions I upload is what the file is when it is converted. Even the bitrate stays the same. The only conversion is that an mp4 file is made and QT Fast-start is applied. So the only way to control size and bitrate is to upload a correct file in the first place.

    This cannot be right! How am I going to be sure a correct file size is uploaded every time?

    So I am back to my original problem. Where is all this controlled when Fast-Start is installed?

    I have another site still running vshare 2.7. It has mobility so this is accomplished by making one flv file for the computer users and one mp4 file for mobile users. There is no fast-start for the mp4 as they were for mobile only and the fast-start was not an issue for iphones, etc. The flv file has Atomic Parsley applied but generally that is moot as I am not running Lightspeed or whatever it is that uses it.

    But because I have upgraded the first site from 2.7 to 2.8 and am going to retain mobile usage, I need to make all the old mp4 files so they play on computers (fast-start) and any new files need to be automatically converted to be mp4 fast-start.

    Thanks for reading this far folks. Has anyone got an understanding of the situation and what should be done about it?
    Thanks (free access)


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