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Thread: htaccess and sub domains

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    Default htaccess and sub domains

    If you have sub domains on same account on which vshare installed, sub domains will not work as .htaccess conflict with sub domains.

    The problem can be solved by creating sub domain as its own account with cpanel user name and password. This is possible only if you have WHM (reseller or root access on the server).

    Other solution is edit .htaccess file

    If your sub domain is


    You need to add following to .htaccess file

    RewriteRule ^dating$ - [L]
    RewriteRule ^dating/(.*) - [L]
    You can add this below

    RewriteRule ^install$ - [L]
    RewriteRule ^install/(.*) - [L]

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    OK support went about and messed soemthing up. I get a 500 internal server error when trying to access my site now. They keep saying .htaccess but give very little help otherwise.This script WAS working perfect till they assed it up. So I have no choice but to paste the whole .htaccess here.

    Options +FollowSymLinks
    RewriteEngine on

    php_value upload_max_filesize 100M
    php_value post_max_size 100M
    php_value output_buffering on
    php_value max_execution_time 1000
    php_value max_input_time 1000
    php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 14400

    RewritRule ^admin$ - [L]
    RewritRule ^admin/(.*) - [L]
    RewritRule ^install$ - [L]
    RewritRule ^install/(.*) - [L]
    RewriteRule ^forum$ - [L]
    RewriteRule ^forum/(.*) - [L]
    RewritRule ^$ index.php
    RewritRule ^view/(.*)/(.*)/ view_video.php?id=$1 [L,QSA]
    RewritRule ^tag/(.*)/(.*) tag.php?search_id=$1&page=$2 [L,QSA]

    RewritRule ^channel/(.*)/(.*)/recent/(.*) video.php?category=recent&chid=$1&page=$3
    RewritRule ^channel/(.*)/(.*)/viewed/(.*) video.php?category=viewed&chid=$1&page=$3
    RewritRule ^channel/(.*)/(.*)/ channel_detail.php?id=$1

    RewritRule ^detailed/recent/(.*) video.php?category=recent&page=$1&viewtype=detaile d
    RewritRule ^detailed/viewed/(.*) video.php?category=viewed&page=$1&viewtype=detaile d
    RewritRule ^detailed/discussed/(.*) video.php?category=discussed&page=$1&viewtype=deta iled
    RewritRule ^detailed/favorites/(.*) video.php?category=favorites&page=$1&viewtype=deta iled
    RewritRule ^detailed/rated/(.*) video.php?category=rated&page=$1&viewtype=detailed
    RewritRule ^detailed/featured/(.*) video.php?category=featured&page=$1&viewtype=detai led
    RewritRule ^detailed/random/(.*) video.php?category=random&page=$1&viewtype=detaile d
    RewritRule ^recent/(.*) video.php?category=recent&page=$1
    RewritRule ^viewed/(.*) video.php?category=viewed&page=$1
    RewritRule ^discussed/(.*) video.php?category=discussed&page=$1
    RewritRule ^favorites/(.*) video.php?category=favorites&page=$1
    RewritRule ^rated/(.*) video.php?category=rated&page=$1
    RewritRule ^featured/(.*) video.php?category=featured&page=$1
    RewritRule ^random/(.*) video.php?category=random&page=$1
    RewritRule ^rss/new/ rss.php?type=new [L]
    RewritRule ^rss/comments/ rss.php?type=comments [L]
    RewritRule ^rss/views/ rss.php?type=views [L]
    RewritRule ^group/(.*)/ groups_home.php?urlkey=$1
    RewritRule ^include/(.*)
    RewritRule ^([^/\.]+)/favorites/(.*) user_favorites.php?username=$1&page=$2
    RewritRule ^([^/\.]+)/playlist/(.*) playlist.php?username=$1&page=$2
    RewritRule ^([^/\.]+)/friends/(.*) user_friends.php?username=$1&page=$2
    RewritRule ^([^/\.]+)/public/(.*)$ user_videos.php?username=$1&type=public&page=$2
    RewritRule ^([^/\.]+)/private/(.*)$ user_videos.php?username=$1&type=private&page=$2 [L,QSA]
    RewritRule ^([^/\.]+)/groups/(.*)$ user_groups.php?username=$1&page=$2 [L,QSA]
    RewritRule ^([^/\.]+)?/?$ user.php?username=$1 [L,QSA]

    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

    They say it's related to the redirects in the .htaccess whatever that means
    Please Help.

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    Where you get internal error ?

    Remove the changes you made one by one and see which change create the problem.

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    I'm sorry to say.But it was working perfect then the support at my site messed it up. I did not change a thing.


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    I was able to upload the original .htaccess and get it to work.

    That subdomain worked a treat as well.


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    Yep, I was having a horrible time with subdomains and addon domains. Anytime I'd type in "" it would say "no such user" in the video share script and things like this. It was just ugly.

    The easiest solution I could come up with (rather than messing with the .htaccess) was to start over put vshare in it's own folder like

    Then I put up a silent index.html redirect in the public_html folder so that goes directly to
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    Default Re: htaccess and sub domains

    I am trying to have an entry page so that when somebody writes have to read something , then press a button to acept, then he will go to
    I dont know where i am going wrong, but if i put the index.html in the public html, it displays a 404, and doesnt work, only ...

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    Default Re: htaccess and sub domains

    First thing I have to ask is (for the entry page) is it really necessary? If not, then why have it?

    The one thing I don't like about entry or "cover" pages is that it's an obstacle for people getting to your site. You don't want to put unnecessary obstables in anybody's way (see unless it's a warning about porn or something, then yeah, you'll probably want that.

    I don't know why your main domain isn't working. Check with your webhost. Anytime you have index.html in your public_html folder, that's where the site should go. It's probably a setting somewhere in your cPanel, but check with your webhost as to why your domain isn't working and giving you a 404 error.
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    Default Re: htaccess and sub domains

    WHat permissions is the .htaccess supposed to be set at?? 777?
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    Default Re: htaccess and sub domains

    644 will work.

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