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Thread: Free traffic for streaming video sites

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    Default Free traffic for streaming video sites

    Sexpalace offers you to post your streaming videos for free.

    We do request a button back to our site but we are not strict on where you place it.

    You can submit upto 40 clips per day and we also have a auro submitter so you can submit to upto 120 websites at once.

    We have a few easy going rules

    Link to your download page, not your main page.
    Download link must be clearly visible on the page.
    No URL masking or timed redirection services.
    No scripts, no active X or any other garbage on the page.
    Do not submit the same URL again within 5 days.
    Do not submit more than 40 downloads per day.
    Do not change the download page after you submit it.
    Do not use ALL CAPS.
    No Bittorrent, no eDonkey, and no eMule links.
    English pages only.

    The more links you submit the more visiters you will receive.

    Main site : SexPalace: unlimited porn clips
    Subit page : SexPalace: unlimited porn clips
    Free link exchange (automated) : SexPalace: unlimited porn clips

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    Sounds interesting I'm going to check this out thanks, I need to hit this forum more looks like a wealth of resources and info.


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