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Thread: vShare 2.2 Release: 20070712

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    Ditto to what mersh posted. And this isn't the only time it happens. I see the same basic questions asked here several times a day it seems.

    The search feature here does work, I know I've used it.


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    Is it just me or is the upload progress bar missing?
    Make an arse of yourself:

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    There it is again. I knew I'd see it if I waited long enough. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by galnet
    Is it just me or is the upload progress bar missing?
    There used to be an upload progress bar, but everyone complained about how much better it made the script, so it was removed.

    I only need four more posts to catch up to Spun2U... maybe I should post asking if the php files are encoded....

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    O why not... Just so I can answer it again. lol

    You guys are killing me... :)

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    Damn, I've posted 94 times here on this forum, wow, keep the same questions coming boys, I'll reach 1000 in no time!! :P

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    Default Re: vShare 2.2 Release: 20070712

    hi i am trying to upgrade from version 2.1 Release: 20070530 but when i go to there is no upgrade.php file in the install folder. all files were uploaded in binary.

    Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Custom coding

    I need someone to customize my VShare script to include fields on the video page for rental properties, including, pictures, geo mapping, vacancy calendar, (basic fields such as; rooms, baths, amenities, features, description.... etc, etc.) basically everything in - all able to access though members area and my admin area. email; [email protected]

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    what i did for now is i uploaded back the admin/adv.php file from the old version 20070625 and it fixed that error.

    At least i dont have that error no more.

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