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Thread: Get free visits from my porn dump and banner exchange

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    Default Get free visits from my porn dump and banner exchange

    At the moment i am offering 25k free impressions to every user that sign's up this month to my banner x change.

    We offer 4-5 ratio on view and 25 per click also as a bonus 5000 for each signup!

    (sign-up's must be active or you risk loosing the 5k)

    Take a look with no obligation to sign up at - Adult-x-change : Free Adult Banner Exchange Network with 5:4 ratio. Increase Adult Traffic

    As long as your site is English and legal you will be approved!

    Secondly is our porn dump. Requires link back English and legal to be approved

    Simply post your videos (max 5 per day) along with image (vshare thumbs work perfectly)
    and you will start receiving visiters to your site!

    We have a 300 second timer per video (1 video per 5 mins) so videos are not spammed
    too quickly and every one gets a fair chance at traffic. - Free Link Dump - Porn Dump


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    Crazy weekend!!

    Friday - monday (Ends monday midnight GMT)

    We are accepting 25 links per domain this weekend!

    Post your links to your porn clips and get some extra traffic for free!
    Receptical link is required on any page you submit and your homepage.

    All of our dumped links are do follow!

    We also have a link exchange on the left of the site!

    We are accepting 25 sites and the top 10 each day will get onto the main page!

    Dont worry if you have a few bad days your link will still be do follow on our links page.

    (receptical link required or domain will be banned from all our sites)

    Thanks for reading


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