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Hello you are buying ad spaceon my adult site
Your banner size should be 728x90, 300x250 or 250x250 and it will show up on every page a viewer goes too.

Doyouvideos usually gets around 700 - 1000 uniques a day

Your banner will rotate with other banners in this position maybe 10 at the most but right now your banner will stand alone so that's a good incentive to buy space right now since you will be my first customer.

I sell in 7 day increments,and 30 day increments 50 cents a day
The starting price $3.50 is for 7 days, $7.00 for 14 days and $15 for 30 days.
Please pay with paypal to email address: [email protected] after that you will need to email me your banner or banners and tell me where you want them at and where you want them to link too.
In order to check your traffic stats you would need to login to your google analytics account.
If you don't have one you need to create one.